Waters of Karutkan

Tanya's Logbook

Concerning the Chasm
When we came to the edge of the jungle, we found ourselves facing a huge chasm with only a small bridge spanning it. Qui’tal glided across and did not get wet. Arcanis fell off of the bridge and into the water below, Ullium climbed down the cliff in order to swimm across, and Charik fell into the water as well. i started across the bridge, but it broke and I only just managed to grab the rope and swing across. I hit the wall and climbed up to Qui’tal and we hurried to try and help Ullium help Charik. Arcanis eventually climbed up and added his rope to our, until we finally had pulled them both up to this side.we then proceeded toward the ziggurat and the Eye of the Sun.

Leagues from Home

Several weeks have now passed since I waited in the human cell, wondering what fate would befall me. This was not one of the fate’s I had imagined then, but it is… interesting. Rescued and betrayed onto a ship, and rerescued by a brave young halfling, I have found myself in a rather odd company. Tanya, the halfling, two spell casters,- Charik, a wise kobold, not a slave or servant, but a teacher to the human sorcerer, Ullium, who shares, and even exceeds, my affinity for fire- and finally the warrior Arcanis. He is a rather proud figure, but good, much like a human, but different, an “asimar,” or angel boy, as Ullium insists. With these fate has left me to discover my future, and I’ve traveled with them since…. well, most of them. Once we landed, the hafling and Arcanis seem to know much of what lies beyond my land and home, past the oceans, we found ourselves on a quest to help the local villagers stop sudden, unaccounted for fires. It was the local natives, the Shazarak, using some magic to perform some ceremony, or perhaps simply to cause mischief. I know what things the thorn divers have devised to keep out the greedy, trespassing humans. But in any case, we destroyed it and many of them, but in the process, we lost Charik….
A new man has joined us, however. Windpaw looks much like a cat, but walks and talks like any other man, and is quite wise and skilled, though his ways may differ from mine. He was possessed by some odd thing, and indeed, I think I had seen what he described, and had been captured by the Shazarak and beaten. But too much has happened for great detail. We journeyed then with traders to a new land, I honestly can not follow where they take us, or where this band is headed. I have little knowledge, nor care to have knowledge, of these other lands and waters I follow them to. But we are in some new place, and when we arrived, the city was being attacked by a group of rebels. We helped repel them and heal the wounded, but now find ourselves in a tricky situation. In the midst of a city’s war, we see much friction, especially between what appears to be the leaders, and we find ourselves guests to an odd character, Clemonte. He is at odds with Thompson, the warrior leader of the city, who commands with a stern, uncringing air. He has told us much, of the theives and legends, but we’ve been here but a day, what can we truly tell? We must rest, we must prepare, we must talk. It seems fate has stuck us together for a time, and it seems we shall be facing many dangers, we must be prepared to meet them, as a band, not as young boys do, chasing the dogs each on his own, this way and that, and in the end none grasping it’s tail. When boys return from battle, it is not a pretty sight.


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