• Arcanis


    Captain from the Arullian Navy who joins the party as a righteous warrior
  • Nortix


    A stealthy rogue from the streets who seeks to fight corrupt government
  • Qui'tal


    A Cleric Aurok from the Thorn Diver's tribe
  • Tanya the Swift

    Tanya the Swift

    Former crewmember of the Wyverns'Tooth Tanya is now adventuring with a party of four in an effort to escape revenge from Captain Robaine and return to civilization.
  • Uillium Firefist

    Uillium Firefist

    The fiery magician from an odd past of both arcane training as well as a tribal life.
  • Captain Robaine

    Captain Robaine

    The captain of The Wyvern's Tooth, a notorious pirate ship of the seas of Karutkan
  • Captain Sterncrow

    Captain Sterncrow

    Captain in charge of Arcanis; also runs the Palidus
  • Charic Dragonsblood

    Charic Dragonsblood

    Kobold Sorceror and member of the council of Arcana. A diplomat, though a grumpy one.
  • Clemonte "Davyd Stevenson"

    Clemonte "Davyd Stevenson"

    Tanya's mentor originally, though changed by time into a savage, yet wise warrior in Gorrelgar. Now deceased.
  • Siroo


    Shaman-esque man of the frontier village who is present to work with the little success
  • Thompson


    A military leader in Gorellgar of sorts
  • Windpaw


    Catfolk Monk bound by oaths and honor